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1) The usage in your example seems a bit unusual. Is it a natural Chinese sentence? The only place I can find it on the Web is on the following Japanese webpage, where it appears as a sentence in isolation, and is translated into (or from?) Japanese.

Your example seems unusual in two ways:

a) Typically, a 重鎮, in non-military usage, seems to be a specific geographical place rather than something like a (generic) household or school.

b) Usually, that place is prominent for some specific activity. (See TP examples below.)
In your example, the household (or school) is not so much *prominent* for some activity as it is *ideal* for some activity (namely, the implementation of environmental concepts).

2) A 重鎮 is a place, not a location.
There's a subtle difference!
e.g. 哥倫比亞大學是美國物理學的重鎮,
They're saying that Columbia University is a *place* that is known for its excellence in physics.
Columbia University is *in* a location, but it is not itself a location (in the sense of "location" implied by "key location", I mean.)

J (military usage) ~ By January 5 the Germans abandoned hope of taking this key town.

(non-military) ~ Corinth [was] an important commercial city in Greece.

TP ~ 一八八九年,當時紐西蘭的經濟重鎮丹尼丁舉辦商展,
In 1889, Chew Chong's Jubilee Brand butter won the Silver Cup at the South Seas Exhibition in Dunedin, then a major commercial center.

will make the park one of the world's major centers of semiconductor production.

Cleveland was originally a center of machinery and steel.

As the heart of industry in southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung has long been ...

becoming a bastion of homosexual discourse and activism in Taiwan.

[the institute has] become one of Taiwan's most important centers of research in international politics.

develop into a major tourist destination

Eastern Taipei is the main bastion for department stores,

After Taiwan replaced Japan as the main center of cloth production in the 1990s,
- 重鎮 重镇 [zhong4 zhen4] /strategic town/
# + 重鎮 重镇 [zhong4 zhen4] /strategic town/key location/
+ 重鎮 重镇 [zhong4 zhen4] /(military) strategic town/(fig.) major center (for commerce, culture or tourism etc)/
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