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1) travel on foot
Oh, the rest of it-- the relief from walking and thinking!

Believe me, I can't even afford the streetcar fare going back home. I came here on foot."

"She has nothing, in short, to recommend her, but being an excellent walker.

2) /to run off/to abscond/
However, the company ran into financial difficulties and ultimately pulled out of Vietnam entirely.

Phyllis Cheng and her husband, company president Yue Minglei, already had 20 years experience as agents for European and American bag brands. When the boss of the Taichung bag factory where she was a secretary ran off, Cheng had to grit her teeth and take on the orders that were waiting to be filled.

Lin Dailing says that virtually everyone she interviewed had some hard times to report. Problems ranged from lazy workmen, dishonest contractors who absconded with funds, and materials being stolen, to sudden sharp rises in the price of steel rebars-unforeseen accidents can happen at any point.

“Johnny Fashion Show” (Yuehan­ zouxiu), “Johnny Off-Key” (Yuehan zouyin), and “Johnny Legs It” (Yuehan paolu)
# 跑路 跑路 [pao3 lu4] /to run away/to escape/
+ 跑路 跑路 [pao3 lu4] /to travel on foot/(informal) to run off/to abscond/
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