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It's training in a *group* (hence the character 集) -- not individual training.
And it's a verb.

We often practiced from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.

To maintain this level of achievement, competitors leave behind hearth and home and forsake all, engaging in intensive training all year round.

the girls will practice together each weekend, forming a quartet to play chamber music.

Moreover, his ability to coordinate each section of musicians is rare indeed; otherwise it would be impossible to bring together musicians from different places, of different ages, and with different habits, and produce a quality sound in only a short rehearsal period.

The TTV group trained together for three months,

Mrs. Liu asked at her daughter's junior high if they could offer some training for a lab test, but the school said that if they did that for the students on the gifted track, then the parents of those children nominated on the regular recommendation track would make the same request, and there would never be an end to it.
- 集訓 集训 [ji2 xun4] /training/
+ 集訓 集训 [ji2 xun4] /to train together/to practice as a group/
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