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Comment: << review queue entry 64731 - submitted by 'sl89' >>
* No reason for 畜生 and 畜牲 to have different definitions.
* 畜生 seems the preferred “spelling” nowadays.
* 畜生 15,700,000 Google hits vs. 2,370,000 for 畜牲.

- 畜牲 畜牲 [chu4 sheng1] /livestock, or specifically the six farm animals cow, horse, sheep, cock, dog, pig 牛馬羊雞狗豬|牛马羊鸡狗猪/an insult, You animal!/
+ 畜牲 畜牲 [chu4 sheng1] /variant of 畜生[chu4 sheng5]/
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