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① notes on poets and poetry
② vernacular stories interspersed with poems
③ narratives written in the Song dynasty

1 notes on poetry talks (i.e. informal comments on poetry and poets, a literary genre very popular with the Song and Ming scholars, usu. giving the background and circumstances of famous lines)
| 谢榛《四溟诗话》
| Xie Zhen’s Siming Poetry Notes
2 vernacular stories interspersed with poems; stories and ballads

1. 以随笔形式评论诗作、诗人,记载诗人事迹的书。如《六一诗话》、《随园诗话》、《沧浪诗话》等。
2. 唐宋时期的一种叙事文学作品,其中有韵文,也有散文。如《大唐三藏取经诗话》。

1. 以随笔体裁评论诗句,或辨析诗法,或记载诗人事迹的书。如《沧浪诗话》。
2. 宋人所撰有韵文及散文的小说。如《大唐三藏取经诗话》。

1 名 评论诗歌和诗人以及记载诗人事迹的书, 如《随园诗话》。
2 名 唐宋时代一种有诗有话的叙事文学作品, 如《大唐三藏取经诗话》。
+ 詩話 诗话 [shi1 hua4] /notes on poetry, an essay genre consisting of informal commentary on poems and poets and their lives (old)/a genre of narrative literature interspersing prose with poetry, popular in the Tang and Song dynasties/
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