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B: 日常礼貌用语,表示恭敬的一种礼仪在语言上的表达方式;请求别人的帮助。烦劳,请求。通常情况下都是有求于对方的时候,惯用的词。比如“**总,您好。由于操作失误,信息提交重复,烦请您将第二次提交的信息删除。”也是出于给对方带来麻烦表示的歉意。跟“劳驾”意思相近。

We would like to sponsor the event, please contact us directly.

Please let us know if our offer does not contain what you want in order to send you further samples.

If you can not rhyme to express tat, please notify me, you or I choose the right mode of transport and freight needed to let you know.
# 煩請 烦请 [fan2 qing3] /please (do sth)/to request/
+ 煩請 烦请 [fan2 qing3] /(courteous) would you please .../
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