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LAC 鄙视的小人取得权势,则得意忘形,气势凌人

Sorry for the def, it's so bad I hesitated submitting "//" instead.. no idea how to gloss 小人 in English.

Editor: Some quotes ~

1) 他有張照片下巴揚起得意揚揚,五十多本書在他身邊堆成半人高「著作等身」狀,他為照片下註腳:「一臉小人得志」。
Showing us a picture of himself with his jaw stuck out looking very full of himself indeed, with more than 50 books stacked up next to him, reaching more than halfway to his head, he says as he looks at it: “What a conceited little $&%#&!”

2) 小人得志, 不可一世。
(lit) [When a] petty person gets into [a position of] power, [he considers himself] unexcelled in the world.
(fig) When a petty person gets into a position of power, (s)he becomes insufferably arrogant.

3) With the individual as with the nation, the flourishing of the wicked is an illusion, for, unceasingly, life keeps books on us all.
# 小人得志 小人得志 [xiao3 ren2 de2 zhi4] /a lower man intoxicated by power/
+ 小人得志 小人得志 [xiao3 ren2 de2 zhi4] /lit. a vile character flourishes (idiom)/fig. an inferior person gets into a position of power, becoming conceited and arrogant/
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