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1. "a form or ..." is presumably a typo for "a form of ..."
2. 雙黄|双黄 seems to be an erroneous way of writing it - it's not in dictionaries I checked
3. I don't think we need "an oboe or bassoon" since (a) we have 双簧管, and (b) I'm not sure that 双簧 does mean "oboe or bassoon" - I don't see that sense in dictionaries.
# 雙簧管 双簧管 [shuang1 huang2 guan3] /double reed wind instrument (such as oboe or bassoon)/
- 雙簧 双簧 [shuang1 huang2] /a form or theatrical double act, popular since Qing times, with one player seated stage front and acting out the poem or song of the second player hidden at the back (also written 雙黄|双黄)/double reed (as used in oboe or bassoon)/an oboe or bassoon/
+ 雙簧 双簧 [shuang1 huang2] /a form of theatrical double act in which one performer speaks or sings while the other, in front, pretends to be doing the speaking or singing/double reed (as in an oboe or bassoon)/
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