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Not sure if it is too transparent or not(?) but it does look like it is a proper noun, though.

The sentence I was working on:

English: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-hailing
E-hailing is a process of ordering a car, taxi, limousine, or any other form of transportation pick up via a computer or mobile device. The E stands for electronic and hail refers to the traditional process of signaling an approaching taxicab to stop.

some other news headlines:
在网约车平台打到黑出租 (网易)
美团网约车出师不利:因运营不合规被监管部门多次约谈 (搜狐汽车)
美团杀入网约车,盒饭该涨价了? (百家号)

Editor: It's a car (车) that you order, not the "process of ordering a car".
The classifier 辆 tells you that in your first example.
# 網約車 网约车 [wang3 yue1 che1] /E-hailing/
+ 網約車 网约车 [wang3 yue1 che1] /vehicle booked via a ride-hailing service (online)/
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