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apparently it could also be other religions..

GF: 学习佛教、道教等宗教的教义,并照着去做。

"修士(英语:friar,或fray),也稱修道士、隱修士,是天主教以及東正教對於男性修行者的稱呼,但並不屬於神職人員。除了以擔任神職人員為目標的一般修士之外,另有終身不做神父、專事修道的終身修士。 "

1) art or craft

Snow falls heavily in a canyon as a martial arts knight practices his basic kungfu moves in isolation. But in modern society, where the pace of development comes ever faster, it is rare that one can cloister oneself to cultivate skills.

utilizing art as his own personal area of self-cultivation.

With these, the decades of development of Hong Kong martial arts films have come to fruition.

2) "practice a religion" tends to be something ordinary people do, but 修行 seems to be something more serious, where spiritual development becomes central to your life, as with a monk. See PLC, K and the quote about 修士 in the sub, for example. Also, many TP examples of usage are translated as "self-cultivation".

"Our chairman often doesn't know what day it is. The day has no meaning because for him every day is a working day," says Shen Fu-ching, who has been Lee's personal assistant for two years, living the same lifestyle of work without rest.

The shaman Don Juan told Castaneda of a three-step procedure to follow: first become a hunter, next become a warrior and finally become a wise man.

Yao doesn't see himself as just an architect, however. He's also a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. His occupation and his beliefs have become one. Yao's works give an impression of a humble, peaceful, and modest character.

so that after death they might go to his Most Excellent Pure Land to cultivate themselves.
- 修行 修行 [xiu1 xing2] /to practice Buddhism or Daoism/
# + 修行 修行 [xiu1 xing2] /to practice a religion (esp. Buddhism or Daoism)/
+ 修行 修行 [xiu1 xing2] /to devote oneself to spiritual development (esp. Buddhism or Daoism)/to devote oneself to perfecting one's art or craft/
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