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The current definition reads like a long-winded way of saying "to lend money to sb".
But that's not what it means.

J ~ A driver also has the right to charge you for any tolls he must pay to go over bridges,

If Law Firm advances funds on behalf of the Client for any costs or expenses, Client agrees to reimburse Law Firm for such advancements.

No, the account was small, so the bank paid the check.

Any expense necessary for handling the entrusted affair advanced by the agent shall be repaid with interest by the principal.

If ATTORENYS advance on CLIENT'S behalf any or all of these costs or expenses, CLIENT agrees to reimburse ATTORNEYS for such advancements.
- 墊付 垫付 [dian4 fu4] /to advance funds to sb for later repayment/
+ 墊付 垫付 [dian4 fu4] /to pay sb else's expense with the expectation of being reimbursed by that person later/
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