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Processed by: richwarm (2019-07-09 22:03:19 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 63673 - submitted by 'robbertbrak' >>
There are a few entries in the official HSK list that are missing from the CC-CEDICT. Most are short expressions such as 系领带 and 踢足球, but 只有 is a word and should therefore be included in the dictionary.

1) Even though 只有 is in dictionaries, arguably it's best to understand it as simply 只+有 rather than attempt to encompass its usage in various contexts with five or more different glosses.
2) Glosses like "only" and "alone" and "forced" are ambiguous, whereas 只有 is pretty transparent.
3) The "only if" sense relates to a two-part construction (such as 只有...才) rather than just 只有.
4) In situations where 只有 is used, there is nobody "forcing" you to do something. It's just that *there is only* (只有) that option.
# 只有 只有 [zhi3 you3] /only/only if/alone/have to/be forced to/
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