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毛诞节源于英文新词“Mao-mas”,出自经济学人(The Economist)2013年12月7日的文章,文章的标题即为Merry Mao-mas!,将英语Christmas(圣诞节)中指代耶稣的Christ替换为Mao(毛,西方人通常多称呼姓氏),指代毛主席诞辰纪念日,即每年12月26日,而这个日子又恰在圣诞节(12月25日)后一天。

Editor: "Mao-mas" seems to have close to zero currency as an English word.
Bing says <<There are no results for "celebrate Mao-mas">>.
And Google has just one result.
# 毛誕節 毛诞节 [Mao2 dan4 jie2] /Mao-mas (Mao Zedong’s birthday, December 26th)/
# Editor:
+ 毛誕節 毛诞节 [Mao2 dan4 jie2] /Mao Zedong’s birthday, December 26th/
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