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Processed by: richwarm (2019-06-14 22:19:49 GMT)
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Not sure if you also want to add something about its other pronunciation [kan3] as well, which comes from 崁.

Editor: We already have "something about its other pronunciation [kan3]", viz. the following entry:
嵌 嵌 [kan3] /see 赤嵌樓|赤嵌楼[Chi4 kan3 lou2]/
- 嵌 嵌 [qian4] /to inlay/to embed/
+ 嵌 嵌 [qian4] /to inlay/to embed/Taiwan pr. [qian1]/
# Editor:
- 崁 崁 [kan4] /see 赤崁樓|赤崁楼[Chi4 kan3 lou2]/
+ 崁 崁 [kan3] /see 赤崁樓|赤崁楼[Chi4 kan3 lou2]/
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