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From https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E7%B5%90%E6%A3%8D

2、 结棍 - 百度百科

3、到底谁 “结棍”?
From http://xmwb.xinmin.cn/html/2018-12/06/content_10_5.htm

Editor: Various snippets from the Web ~

1) 可是這一森林裡最結棍的植物,卻不以「筆直」取勝,
But this most robust of plants in the forest is no winner in the straightness league.

2) the word “结棍” which means ”Skilled, masterful, awesome”

3) Adjectives I list here all have the basic meaning someone is good at some skills. But they stress on different aspects:
結棍[tɔiəʔ˥ kun˥꜔]:someone whose skills is based on his/her physical constitution or long-time training.

4) 厉害——结棍

5) 结棍 (ciekun, meaning "great")

6) 还有一个特别喜欢的词是“结棍,”吴语中指强壮,也可以指厉害,英文中可以说是awesome。
I also especially like another word in the dialect “jiegun.”In the Wu Dialect, “jiegun”usually means strong, but it can also mean being good at something; it can be translated into “awesome” in English.

7) “伊迪句闲话结棍,讲得来我闷脱了。(他这句话厉害,说得我一下子说不出话来了)”
[Translation: “That remark of his was scathing. I had no comeback for that.”]

8) 结棍 kieq kueng strong
# 結棍 结棍 [jie2 gun4] /(Wu dialect)strong, sturdy, powerful, awesome/
# Editor:
+ 結棍 结棍 [jie2 gun4] /(Wu dialect) sturdy/robust/formidable/awesome/
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