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1. "big rice pan"? - No, 大锅饭 is a meal (饭), not a cooking utensil. It's something you eat, not something you cook with.

Holed up in the factory all day, eating in the cafeteria with the workers

He slept on a hard bed and ate unappetizing fare at the school cafeteria.

it conveys the joys and sorrows of dormitory life as they share communal meals and communal showers;

Sometimes she helps produce slogans, while other times she cooks up communal meals.


2. "egalitarianism"? That sounds nice. All people deserve equal rights and opportunities, right?
But 大锅饭 is a disparaging term.

The success of the orchid business may cause people to sit up and take notice, but the old impression of TSC with its lack of competitiveness and psychology of "everyone eating from the same pot" has deep roots and dies hard.

Going from having the security of being a government monopoly to working hard to improve competitiveness,

he believed that these immigrants would destroy the quality of life Hong Kongers enjoyed and lean on the government for housing and social welfare assistance, essentially filching funds from the hard-working people of Hong Kong.

K @ 吃大鍋飯
"egalitarian concept under which those who work hard and those who loaf are treated similarly ..."
- 大鍋飯 大锅饭 [da4 guo1 fan4] /lit. big rice pan/communal feeding/fig. egalitarianism (equal treatment for everyone in same institution)/
+ 大鍋飯 大锅饭 [da4 guo1 fan4] /meal cooked in a large pot/communal meal/(fig.) system that rewards everyone equally regardless of merit/
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