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zdic. gives: ◎ 經行 / 经行 jīngxíng
[follower of Buddhism go around a place for resting, etc.] 佛教徒因养身散除郁闷,旋回往返于一定之地叫“经行”
雁荡经行云漠漠。—— 宋• 沈括《梦溪笔谈》

經行(梵語:Caṅkramati,巴利語:caṅkamati),又稱行禪,佛教術語,一種以步行方式來修行止觀的方法。 經行除了可以提振精神,促進消化,還可以作為禪坐的輔助,以增進修行。
經行 To walk about when meditating to prevent sleepiness; also as exercise to keep in health; the caṅkramana was a place for such exercise, e.g. a cloister, a corridor. [SOOTHILL]

Editor: Please don't submit definitions based solely on the English definitions given at zdic ("travel round looking for a place to rest").
Zdic's English definitions (and pronunciations) are quite often wrong, and need to be corroborated with more reliable sources.

# 經行 经行 [Jing1 xing2] /travel round looking for a place to rest; or else to perform a walking meditation (Buddhism)/
+ 經行 经行 [jing1 xing2] /to perform walking meditation/
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