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"spp." means "species pluralis"

i.e. *multiple* species

But both pimento pepper and bell pepper are cultivars of a *single* species (Capsicum annuum):
1) Bell pepper, (Capsicum annuum), also called sweet pepper or capsicum, pepper cultivar in the nightshade family (Solanaceae) [Britannica]
2) Pimiento, (Capsicum annuum), also called pimento, any of various mild peppers in the nightshade family (Solanaceae). The term pimiento, from the Spanish for “pepper,” is applied to several cultivars of Capsicum annuum that possess a distinctive flavour but lack pungency. [ibid.]

I don't find evidence that 柿子椒 means "pimento", so I've left that out.
- 柿子椒 柿子椒 [shi4 zi5 jiao1] /pimento pepper (Capsicum spp.)/bell pepper/
+ 柿子椒 柿子椒 [shi4 zi5 jiao1] /bell pepper, aka sweet pepper/
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