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and depend on each other?



1) In your example sentences, it's 唇亡齿寒, not 脣亡齿寒.

2) We already have an entry for 唇亡齿寒:
唇亡齒寒 唇亡齿寒 [chun2 wang2 chi3 han2] /lit. without the lips, the teeth feel the cold (idiom); fig. intimately interdependent/

3) We also have the traditional form 脣亡齒寒 implicitly by virtue of the following entry:
脣 唇 [chun2] /variant of 唇[chun2]/

4) 脣亡齿寒 is an incorrect simplified form. It should be 唇亡齿寒.

(Hat tip to Mo.)

TP ~
"The storm has already hit, and Taiwan is too closely involved to be able to stand aloof. Europe and America are far away, so they are not affected to the same degree."
# 脣亡齒寒 脣亡齿寒 [chun2 wang2 chi3 han2] /lit. if the lips are gone, the teeth are cold/to have shared interests/
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