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zdic gives: ◎ 遗民 yímín
(1) [adherents of a former dynasty]∶指改朝换代后仍效忠前一朝代的人
(2) [survivors of a great upheaval]∶泛指大动乱后遗留下来的人民
Hyperlink: http://www.zdic.net/c/7/150/332322.htm
GRAND RICCI, vol. III, p. 435, col. 2, within entry no. 5459, gives: "遺民 yímín 1. Peuple d’un pays conquis; people d’une dynastie déchue. 2. Partisans d’une dynastie déchue, refusant toute function sous la nouvelle dynastie. 3. Reste d’un peuple, d’une race."
# 遺民 遗民 [yi2 min2] /'leftover men', loyalist adherents of a former dynasty; surviving members of an ethnic group./
+ 遺民 遗民 [yi2 min2] /lit. leftover men/fig. loyalist adherents of a former dynasty/surviving members of an ethnic group/
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