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Comment: << review queue entry 63991 - submitted by 'kevinmaynard' >>
http://www.zdic.net/z/17/js/5697.htm and GRAND RICCI, 9223 (vol. IV, pp. 1149-50) for the first two senses and http://www.exam58.com/tllsjx/3755.html for the last one, as part of a commentary on 皮日休's 《正樂府十篇。 橡媼歎》 (this sense not in Kroll, Mathews, zdic or Ricci).

1) It doesn't mean "drying in the sun" – you misread that reference. The character 嚗 doesn't even appear on that "exam58" webpage.

2) [pao4] and [bao4] and [pu4] are all incorrect for the senses you submitted (according to your own references).

3) See also https://www.moedict.tw/~%E5%9A%97
# 嚗 嚗 [bo2 pao4 bao4 pu4] /Onomatopoeic for either a cry of anger or the sound of an object breaking; drying something in the sun/
# Editor:
+ 嚗 嚗 [bo2] /(onom.) sound of sth splitting or breaking apart/sound of an object falling to the ground/a cry of rage/Taiwan pr. [bo1]/
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