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Change log entry 68878
Processed by: richwarm (2020-01-14 11:06:26 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 65354 - submitted by 'paparonc' >>
I'd found this word on various occasions while looking for some equipment at my job. It may or may not be helpful for someone, but I wanted to try adding words that I found on my own here.

On the Chinese Wikipedia version, "哺乳期" links to "母乳哺育"

Editor: Thanks for taking the trouble to submit.
I'll accept it this time, but it's a word whose meaning can be readily understood from its components (哺乳 and 期).
So it's a bit borderline from our point of view.
# 哺乳期 哺乳期 [bu3 ru3 qi1] /breastfeeding period, suckling period/
+ 哺乳期 哺乳期 [bu3 ru3 qi1] /breastfeeding period/lactation period/suckling period/
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