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Change log entry 68837
Processed by: vermillon (2020-01-11 21:57:59 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 64717 - submitted by 'hollyblue104' >>
- 黻 黻 [fu2] /(embroidery)/
+ 黻 黻 [fu2] /(archaic) embroidery using black and blue thread/

Change log entry 68822
Processed by: richwarm (2020-01-06 00:04:28 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 64718 - submitted by 'hollyblue104' >>
- 黼 黼 [fu3] /(embroidery)/
# + 黼 黼 [fu3] /(archaic) embroidery using black and white thread/
+ 黼 黼 [fu3] /(archaic) motif of axes with black handles and white heads, a symbol of authority embroidered on ceremonial robes/

Change log entry 64899
Processed by: goldyn_chyld (2017-12-24 10:32:41 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 61469 - submitted by 'hollyblue104' >>


A boxed warning alerting prescribers to these reactions is included in the Product Information for clozapine.

Currently, the expression "Shide" has not been included in A Grand Chinese Dictionary and A Grand Dictionary of Chinese Dialects.
# 收列 收列 [shou1 lie4] /to list/
+ 收列 收列 [shou1 lie4] /to list/to include/

Change log entry 63772
Processed by: ycandau (2017-06-12 19:08:21 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 60272 - submitted by 'hollyblue104' >>
# 流水(綫|線) 流水线 [liu2shui3xian4] /assembly line/
+ 流水線 流水线 [liu2 shui3 xian4] /assembly line/(computing) pipeline/

Change log entry 62038
Processed by: richwarm (2016-06-30 23:30:21 GMT)
Comment: << review queue entry 58852 - submitted by 'hollyblue104' >>
This definition currently lacks an idiomatic equivalent with the same negative connotations. While run afoul of does not have the same semantic range, it is usable in many circumstances.

Editor: "run afoul of" means "come into conflict with". That's not what 遭遇 means.
# - 遭遇 遭遇 [zao1 yu4] /to meet with/to encounter/(bitter) experience/
# + 遭遇 遭遇 [zao1 yu4] /to meet with/to encounter/(bitter) experience/to run afoul of/
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