Contributor's manual

This manual will help you get started as a contributor to the CC-CEDICT project. It explains the basics of adding and changing CC-CEDICT entries.

What is a CC-CEDICT entry?

A CC-CEDICT entry can be compared with a single line in a paper dictionary. It contains the following information:

For example:

中國 中国 [Zhong1 guo2] /China/Middle Kingdom/

An extensive description of the CC-CEDICT format, in particularly regarding to the format of the English definition, can be found in the CC-CEDICT Wiki.

Adding new entries

New CC-CEDICT entries can be added through the Add a new entry page. Just fill in the individual fields, optionally add a comment and submit the entry. The 'guess from ...' buttons can be used if either the traditional Chinese or the simplified Chinese is unknown. Please remember however that this guess is not always accurate, the relation between simplified and traditional Chinese is not always a simple one-on-one relation. If in doubt, please add a remark in the comment field.

Changing existing entries

Existing CC-CEDICT entries can be changed by clicking the icon next to an entry in the Search result page. Multiple entries can be edited simultaneously in a batch by selecting them using the checkboxes on the left side and clicking the "Batch edit the selected entries" button. There will be more about using batches later on in this manual.

Verify your submissions

Please verify your submissions using one or more reliable sources before submitting entries. The Add a new entry page lists a few suggested online reference works.

Where do submissions go?

All submitted entries will be queued for reviewing by the CC-CEDICT editors team. An editor might decide to accept a submission without changes or sometimes change it a little before accepting it. There are also cases where an editor might decide to reject a submission, most likely because it is a duplicate or it cannot be verified by using any reliable reference work.

The results of the work of the editors can be tracked using the Change log page, all actual changes to CC-CEDICT are logged here.

Batch submissions

Entries can also be submitted in native CC-CEDICT format. Both single entries and sets of entries can be submitted in this way.

An addition:
簡易 简易 [[jian3yi4]] /simple; easy/

A deletion:
- 簡易 简易 [[jian3yi4]] /simple; easy/

A correction (delete the incorrect entry first and the correct entry afterwards):
- 簡易 简易 [[jian3ji4]] /zimple; eazy/
+ 簡易 简易 [[jian3yi4]] /simple; easy/

Inline comments can be added inside batches by using the # sign, preferably before the entries it refers to:
# this is a comment

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