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Improving CC-CEDICT

How can CC-CEDICT be improved?

Add / improve CC-CEDICT's content

CC-CEDICT's content can be changed in the following ways:

Expand CC-CEDICT's content

Help expand the content of CC-CEDICT! There are two ways to help.

You can help by finding resources containing a lot of useful words which should be added to CC-CEDICT, please add the URLs of there resources below.

You can also help by processing any of the resources listed below, adding words listed in these resources to CC-CEDICT using the CC-CEDICT editor website. You can either submit entries one by one or use batches in native CC-CEDICT format. Please add your name/alias and the current date behind the resource URL if you start working on it. You can also add a short word on the status, such as “in progress”, “finished”, “stopped working on it after line …”, etc.

Please respect restrictions on copyrighted works.


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