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CFDICT project

The CFDICT project is the project to provide a Chinese ⇒ French free dictionary, in part by translating the Chinese-English CEDICT.

CFDICT started in January 2007. In June 2007, it had near 1.000 entries. In November 2007, the HanDeDict's team kindly provided a nice website for CFDICT, which then slowly migrate toward this new place :

Expansion of CFDICT

  • Main Contributor : Hugo LOPEZ , French student in Chinese, able to make about 2.000 Chinese ⇒ French translations.
  • Starting strategy (big points) :
    1. Start a 1.000 Chinese-French entries draft to show what is possible : done (Jun. 2007)
    2. Use the same format than HanDeDict : done (Nov. 2007)
    3. Get a “HanDeDict like” website : done (Nov. 2007)
  • Own test periode : 2007 Nov. 1 ⇒ 2007 Nov. 15th
    1. Make some test-entries ;
    2. Delete all the test-entries (Nov.11) ;
    3. Transfert 200 entries from my Wikinews sub-page User:Yug/Characters (publicly and clearly under CC-by-sa-2.5) to CFDICT (Nov.11).
    4. Transfert the 800 others entries in the week ;
  • Growing up strategy (big points) :
    1. Announce that CFDICT is OPEN and READY to get contributions ;
    2. Ask to webeditors and to scholars to contribute as best as possible ;
    3. Overview very seriously the start of the first editors and first thousands edition ;
    4. Overview softly the community walking toward 50.000, and then 100.000 entries.
  • Programming :
    1. Start programming ;
    2. Get a website name ;
    3. Becoming independent for the first quarter of 2009

Webservice and Website

The Websupport and Website is kingly provide by the Handedict's team (Michael Klaus Engel, Jan Hefti), who strongly support us.

The current http address is :

The current local (French) overviewer team is made by :

  • Hugo Lopez, French students in Chinese with experience in Web 2.0 innovating projects ;
  • Edouard Lopez, French student in Cognitives sciences with experience in website creation (HTML, PHP, AJAX)
  • Perre Equoy, volunteer with experience in websites creation.


It'is strickly forbidden to copy an existing dictionary (such as a serie of translations or the examples sentences).

Such behaviour may finally lead to shut down CFDICT for copyright violation, and accordingly, is not accept on CFDICT. Translations and examples should be a translation made by contributors themself.

An acceptable way of adding translations is: take a Chinese word, look it up in several (!) dictionaries and then chose the translation which you think fits best. And you are not allowed to use the same example sentences as found in other dictionaries - apart from the real basic sentences like “Je t'aime”, “Je te deteste”, or “Il fait chaud” etc.


One day : Merge the English CEDICT, the German Handedict, the French CFDICT and all the CEDICT translations.

As much as possible, most of my decisions have and will follow those of HanDeDict (e.g., fields of application). I also believe that common conventions, website's styles, fields, … will be benefic to all of our projects. I encourage to follow HanDeDict choices and systems.

Links :

Possible help :

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